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Can you sell fish to a fisherman?


A foreign managed digital marketing team is looking for exceptional people. An amazing new social ecommerce platform is launching in Mexico and the company plans on becoming the third most popular website (after Facebook and Twitter) in Mexico during the next 18 -24 months. You can help us reach that goal.\r\n\r\nWe are looking for 6 great Sales people to serve as our Brand Ambassadors. Do you have all these traits?\r\n\r\nDriven: having a sense of urgency and a need to accomplish the task at hand\r\nConfident: believing in your own abilities and can handle rejection\r\nOutgoing: projecting a great first impression and is energized by social interactions\r\nAssertive: effectively controlling the interaction with people and don?t surrender easily\r\nFunny: engaging customer emotions, is likeable, approachable and memorable\r\nStructured: able to lead the customer through the process, remain organized and always follows through\r\nRelational: sincerely cares about the person, not just the sale; effectively identifies the customer needs\r\nFocused: doesn?t get sidetracked or distracted; knows the final destination\r\n\r\nIf you are ?All of the Above?, have a proven track record of success, perfect Spanish and excellent English communication skills, then we are absolutely interested in hearing from you. \r\n\r\n\r\nApply at:\r\n

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Precio: $ 60,000.00

Localidad: Gustavo A. Madero - Distrito Federal

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